Ceramic Pot - Black

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Indoor plants can present many challenges especially because you're trying to grow an emotional being in an environment totally unsuitable for its growth.  Should a plant die while in your possession, regardless of circumstances, you are considered a murderer but whilst we are waiting for that to happen, why don't you go ahead a give it something cute to die in.

Sizes measured internally. Plants not included

These are designed WITHOUT a drainage hole and are ideal for keeping your plant in its nursery pot for easier watering and future repotting.
95mm pot fits up to a 95mm nursery pot
120mm pot fits up to a 120mm nursery pot
170mm pot fits up to a 170mm nursery pot
190mm pot fits up to a 190mm nursery pot
240mm pot fits up to a 240mm nursery pot

If you are for example trying to fit a 250mm plant into the 240mm pot, it will sit with a lip on top as the pot fits internally however the pot rim doesn't.