Concrete Pot

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Why a concrete pot you might ask, because why not a concrete pot. The theory here is that this pot, this wonderful concrete pot is going to give you added texture, help add mixed mediums to your decor and the raw industrial feeling. Like the photo you saw when you were pining your 4,345th pin to your dream house pin board on pinterest. 

Sizes measured internally. Plants not included

These are designed WITHOUT a drainage hole and are ideal for keeping your plant in its nursery pot for easier watering and future repotting.
95mm pot fits up to a 95mm nursery pot
120mm pot fits up to a 120mm nursery pot
170mm pot fits up to a 170mm nursery pot
190mm pot fits up to a 190mm nursery pot
240mm pot fits up to a 240mm nursery pot

If you are for example trying to fit a 250mm plant into the 240mm pot, it will sit with a lip on top as the pot fits internally however the pot rim doesn't.