Neem Granules by Propagatus

Neem Granules by Propagatus

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Neem Granules by Propagatus is a natural and environmental friendly fertilizer.

Neem Granules are a natural product to enhance plant growth, improves soil condition,  accelerates root development and overall plant growth while protecting plants.

PLEASE NOTE Neem Granules are not registered in Australia as an insecticide.

However Neem Granules have been used as a natural insecticide for thousands of years. This is a natural and organic product that prevents and kills nasty insects like gnats and mealy bugs.

Directions: Place a small amount of Neem Granules in soil with the plant and sprinkle some on soil surface. Repeat the soil surface application about every 6 to 8 weeks.

Got Gnats? Apply a 2cm layer of Neem Granules on soil surface.

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