Plant Care by Propagatus is the great choice for people looking to care for their houseplants. 

Indoor plant food

Liquid Plant Food 

Specifically formulated to supply macronutrients and essential trace elements in an easy to use liquid concentrate. 
Add to your watering can and you're set to go! 

How we use it: Late winter we begin to start adding Liquid Plant Food to our watering can to start providing the plants with much needed nutrients to prepare for the Spring.

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Plant Food Spray 

Specially formulated for indoor plants to be sprayed directly to the Foliage. Specifically formulated to give your plant much needed macronutrients and essential trace elements.

How we use it: Spring and Summer when we are misting our plants. 

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Plant Tonic

Helping support and rejuvenate during stress periods and for plant wellness.
This nutrient dense liquid is an ideal form of energy for plants helping them thrive and increases root growth.

How we use it: Spring and Summer to give plants a boost in root growth and general support.

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Neem Oil Spray

Neem Oil can be both preventative and a cure for many pest but can also assist in overall plant health.  Made via cold-press process so that maintains all the proteins, vitamins and trace elements thatcan  actively help control pests infestations.

How we use it: All year round for optimal results. Best spraying late afternoon. Do not spray in direct sunlight. Spraying should be repeated weekly.

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Neem Granules

Neem Granules are a natural product to enhance plant growth, improves soil condition, accelerates root development and overall plant growth while protecting plants..

How we use it: Place a small amount of Neem Granules in soil with the plant and sprinkle some on soil surface. Repeat the soil surface application about every 6 to 8 weeks. We also mix it through our potting mix when we are repotting.

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