For beginner indoor plant lovers, the Peperomia plant is a great choice. The stunning range of colours and textures included within the species allows you to build a fascinating collection of plants for every style and environment, all of which require the same maintenance. They are forgiving plants especially if you accidentally neglect them.

Light Conditions
Peperomia can hand lower light levels however they prefer medium, indirect, or dappled light .

A smart watering guideline for this plant is to water it sparingly yet frequently. Sprinkle some water on the soil when it seems dry to the touch.
Peperomia prefer a good drying out period between waterings.

They are tropical plants, it's best to keep them warm.

In general, houseplants will thrive when they are fertilized Spring through Autumn. Peperomia are slow-growing epiphytes by nature, thus they can thrive without fertiliser.

Pet safe?
Generally Non-toxic

Making new Peperomia plant babies by cuttings is quite simple. Trim a leaf, then gently place it in the soil or water.  Hint the leaf will grow robustly if you dip it in some rooting powder!