How to Prevent Root Rot

Root rot is a nasty disease that will kill your plants. The main reason for this is overwatering. It can happen when the roots "drown" or run out of oxygen, or wen certain fungal or bacterial organisms thrive in overly damp conditions. 
It's the most common plant killer, so here's what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.


At keep roots from lying in pools of water, use a planter with a drainage hole

Remove any extra water in drip trays or ceramic pots

No plant likes "wet feet" are not tolerated by most plants. If the water in your pot's tray is still pooling 10 minutes after watering, dump it.

Finger your plant

Yes you read that correct, poke your finger about an inch deep into the soil to check to make sure the soil is dry. A rigid water schedule can cause trouble as 
air conditioners, or a shift in location can all alter how quickly soil dries. 


The most common cause of plant death is overwatering. Wait it out if you're not sure if it's dry enough. It's better to err on the side of caution than to water a wet plant.

Add some charcoal.

To help avoid root rot, add charcoal to your potting mix. It aerates and lightens the soil, allowing for healthy root growth.