Best Indoor Plants for Low Light

Snake Plant

Snake plants thrive in high humidity and are great low-maintenance plants. They get their names due to their slick, green leaves, and are one of the most popular houseplants. They are amazing in low light environments.

ZZ Plant 

The ZZ plant is tolerate of neglect, drought, and low light levels without becoming irritated. 

The ZZ plant is also an air cleaner, and researchers discovered in a NASA study that it is particularly good at eliminating contaminants like xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.. 

Peace Lily 

What's not to love about the peace lily, an easy-to-grow indoor plant that adds colour and life to dark corners while also cleansing the air?  The peace lily which is actually part of the Spathiphyllum genus of about 47 species

Spider Plant 

The lengthy spider like legs that are its babies that dangle from the main plant's stem gave the spider plant its name. Because these babies may form their own roots, the spider plant is great for propagation. Simply place in some soil, wait for the roots to grow, and then clip it off the mother plant.ts for the price of one!


Dieffenbachia also known as Dumb Cane ( I feel like someone was having a bad day when they were naming plants) Its beautiful, droopy leaves are the perfect thing to fill an otherwise dreary corner of your home. HOWEVER the Dieffenbachia is toxic to you and your pets, so if you take a chomp out of one of its leaves, you’ll experience a burning sensation…. Sooooo don’t eat your plants.


Calatheas aren't usually recommended because they're difficult to care for, although they can endure low light. Calathea is accustomed to damp, shady environments. Although it does not require much light, it does require a lot of water and humidity to thrive.